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Healthy teeth


With „dentox your life“, we have established a new approach to dentistry which is dedicated to your health as a whole. Our goal is to support you in your conscious and healthy lifestyle on the basis of healthy teeth. We work exclusively using organic, metal-free material and, of course, without amalgam while using the latest technologies and equipment.

Metal-free dentistry without amalgam

Besides the treatment of acute dental problems and prophylaxis, we are intensively dedicated to the removal of metal and amalgam fillings. These can lead to health problems due to the release of heavy metals and other substances.
Do you intend to have your existing amalgam or metal fillings removed? We will be happy to advise you free of charge on the current possibilities of non-aggressive and health-conscious dentistry.>

Dental aesthetics at the highest level

We also use the most modern methods in the area of dental aesthetics. Be it veneers, crowns or corrective measures – you can rest assured that we only work to the highest standards.

Our appointment management – entirely according to your wishes

To ensure that you feel completely at home with us, we structure our appointment and practice management entirely in the interests of our patients. How much time you spend with us and when is entirely up to you. We enable precise planning for you and offer you appointments without waiting time as a standard feature.
Each individual treatment plan includes the preparation of an exact treatment procedure. We orient ourselves with the treatment time according to your schedule. With the help of self-chosen appointment chains, even long-term goals, which you would like to achieve with us, can be well integrated into your professional and family routine.
In addition, we have reserved daily appointment slots for our patients who unexpectedly need a quick appointment.

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Ceramics – naturally beautiful! Aesthetic dentistry can fulfil your unique wishes and correct the appearance of your teeth in a gentle manner.

CAD/CAM technology

State-of-the-art computer technology in the service of tooth preservation – a method that offers a long-lasting and thus tooth-conserving solution for the care of your teeth.


Usually, an implant cannot be distinguished from natural teeth and meets high aesthetic and functional requirements after restoration with ceramic crowns or implant bridges.


Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with diseases of the pulp-dentin complex and periapical tissue.


We investigate whether your immune system reacts to the materials that are available and select the raw materials that are 100 % compatible with your individual needs.


Amalgam has been a popular filling material for decades, but highly toxic mercury vapours are produced when these fillings are placed, worn and removed – safe amalgam removal and amalgam drainage are the answer.


Regular and professional tooth cleaning forms the basis for healthy teeth and a stable periodontium.


With “dentox your life”, we have established a new approach to dentistry which is dedicated to your health as a whole. We are not only concerned with metal- and amalgam-free dentistry, but more importantly with a holistic approach to conscious and healthy lifestyles.



We work together with highly experienced and competent experts in line with our “dentox your life” approach, the holistic care of your health as well as aesthetic dentistry. Be it high-quality dental aesthetics for a radiant smile, innovative and immunologically neutral implant treatment or homoeopathic treatments – our experts would be happy to advise you.



DENTAL DESIGN REICHERT – the experts for high-quality complete aesthetic solutions. We want to give you the most beautiful smile imaginable with no compromises. We promise you top performance, full commitment and dependability, so that you will be happy with your decision even years later! This is the commitment of Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen and the entire team. Experience how DENTAL DESIGN REICHERT surpasses conventions in every respect and sets new standards regarding functionality, aesthetics, wearing comfort and quality.

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Dermatologikum Hamburg

DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG is a modern medical practice and clinic for dermatology, allergology, vascular surgery and plastic surgery. Our dedicated team of doctors can take care of your problems, questions and illnesses. Our goal is to treat each patient as we would like to be treated as patients ourselves. Prevention is also an important part of our work. This applies equally to dermatology and vascular diseases. Many problems can be successfully prevented or minimised right from the start with timely and precise diagnosis.

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WOW! medical beauty
Stephanie Flügge
Heilpraktikerin (alternative medicine practitioner) for aesthetic medicine and holistic naturopathy

What happens when you replace your amalgam fillings? Removing them produces mercury vapour, which you inhale. This causes the smallest microparticles of amalgam and mercury to enter your body. Mercury is a heavy metal that deposits everywhere; it does not decompose on its own: Fatigue, chronic muscle pain and inflammation, a confused hormonal balance with a misregulated thyroid gland, recurrent gingivitis, etc. can be the consequences.
If you have had amalgam removed, the likelihood of mercury exposure is relatively high. This does not have to be dramatic, but requires more detailed examination.
There are different procedures to remove the metal from the body, naturopathically and under constant monitoring. The severity of the exposure determines the length of such a therapy.
If you are thinking of having the amalgam removed, we would be happy to discuss an accompanying therapy plan.

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Homöopathie nach hahnemann zahnarzt hamburg innenstadt

Homoeopathy according to Hahnemann

In our homoeopathic treatments, we also follow the approaches of Hahnemann.

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SDS – The innovation leader for immunologically neutral implant treatment

SSDS offers a wide range of zirconium oxide implants whose designs are specially tailored to the Swiss Biohealth® concept. In many cases, immediate implant placement followed by immediate restoration is possible. Our ceramic implants are optimised with regard to the principles of holistic dentistry. A metal-free dental implant is the aesthetic solution for holistic health that begins in the mouth.

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Jaw surgery

You can also rely on our first-class experts in the area of jaw surgery. We work together with the respective specialist in the field of jaw surgery, based on the treatment planned for you. We place great value on gentle, metal-free and holistic dentistry, in keeping with our „dentox your life“ philosophy.

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Kernspinzentrum Europa Passage

Diagnostic technology at the highest level – The future is already here in medical diagnostics! Instead of conventional X-rays, high-precision digital examination methods are catching on, of which, in particular, magnetic resonance imaging – MRI or – provides the best results in non-invasive treatment. We specialise in these procedures at the Europa Passage Kernspinzentrum.

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Pharmacy at the Rathausmarkt

“Prevention is easier than cure…”
For the team of pharmacists at the Rathaus Pharmacy, their work is their passion! We see it as our task to support you preventively and holistically and to give you an all-round better quality of life.
It is important to us that you feel well advised and have confidence in handling your medication. We want to help you to identify your individual needs with regard to your health and develop solutions for them together with you.
With us, you will find history and tradition paired with the latest pharmaceutical knowledge, highly motivated employees and holistic, personalised solutions for your health.
We will be happy to give you comprehensive advice and take the time to answer your questions.

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Dr. Birgit Vinkelau

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We know the special requirements that international patients have and our range of services is ideally placed to take care of them.
Of course, multilingual care is not all we offer in our dental practice located in central Hamburg. We are also happy to assist you with travel and hotel bookings as well as with the planning of a recreational programme during your stay in Hamburg.
We are happy to answer your questions and take over the planning for you – just get in touch with us!


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