Keramikimplantate-zahnaerztin-am-rathausmarkt web Ceramic implants: Healthy and aesthetic in a natural way

Root canal teeth may cause damage not only in the mouth. Dead teeth often cause chronic inflammations throughout the body that make you ill [...]

shutterstock_699880630_low Vitamin D deficiency: Prophylaxis in the winter time

The longer the dark season lasts, the more our health and mood can suffer. There is an increase in infections and depressive moods. One [...]

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-30 um 23.02.52 Common cold: Detect signals and prevent the onset

Hand washing, airing, strengthening the immune system – everyone knows how to prevent colds. But why are we bedridden every year? [...]

blog-chronische-Krankheiten-Teil-2 Chronic inflammation II – Energy recovery

When was the last time you answered “How are you?” with “ Amazing!”? Do descriptions such as “tired, stressed and lifeless” seem [...]

Umweltmedizin-chronische-zahnerkrankungen-zahnmedizin Chronic inflammation I – “Environmental dentistry” reveals source
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If you suffer from allergies, diabetes or inflammatory bowel disease, you should definitely consult an “environmental dentist”. The reason: [...]