Amalgam has been a popular filling material for years. However, highly toxic mercury vapours are produced when the fillings are placed, worn and removed. Amalgam fillings do not necessarily make you sick immediately, but in the long run, small amounts of mercury enter the circulation – especially through teeth grinding, hot food or cracks in the fillings.
If such processes continue for years, depending on the individual, they can lead to immune system disorders (weakness, allergies, autoimmune diseases), nervous system disorders (neurological and neurodegenerative diseases), hormonal disorders, disorders of intestinal function, cardiovascular symptoms and even cancer.

In order to safely remove amalgam, it is imperative to take certain protective measures for the patient and the practitioner:

  • A drink with medical activated carbon (binds toxins in the stomach and intestines and prevents the bound toxins from being absorbed through the intestines)
  • Dental dam as a rubber cover to protect against chips and fragments
  • Clean-up vacuum cleaner as additional protection against mercury vapour
  • Chlorella algae administration after removal of the amalgam (binds mercury still present in the tooth)
  • External oxygen supply via a nasal probe

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