Implants are artificial tooth roots. They replace missing teeth and are the most modern and natural form of tooth reconstruction. They are used as a means of fixing various types of dentures. Tight-fitting and removable, nature-oriented. An implant can hardly be distinguished from natural teeth and meets high aesthetic and functional requirements after restoration with ceramic crowns or implant bridges.

Before each treatment at IMD Berlin we determine which materials are 100 % immunologically compatible with you with the help of a blood sample.

We offer you a wide range of zirconium oxide implants exclusively in Northern Germany. Our approach has been optimised over many years of experience according to the principles of „dentox your life“.
Our metal-free dental implant is the aesthetic and biocompatible solution for your holistic health and individual aesthetic.
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Vitamin D

A sufficient intake of vitamin D is important for all age groups because it is involved in numerous metabolic processes. Vitamin D regulates our calcium balance and thus the vitality of our bones via the intestines.
This is an important predictor for the safe and successful placement of implants in your jawbone. For successful healing and the strength of your implant, we determine your individual vitamin D level before treatment. If necessary, we will be happy to help you bring it up to a healthy level.
There are two significant sources of our vitamin D provision:

  • 10 % intake from food
  • 90 % formation in the skin through the action of sun rays

However, especially in Hamburg, the sun cannot be relied on as the sole source of vitamin D. In food, vitamin D is found mainly in fatty fish or is added to food as a dietary supplement.


Vitamin D – Driver for our metabolism

In the body, vitamin D fulfils the function of a prohormone and is converted via the intermediate calcidiol into its effective form – the hormone calcitriol.
Calcitriol (vitamin D) is very important in many tissues and organs. It binds to a vitamin D receptor, which is present in numerous tissues, and exerts its effect in the cell nucleus of our cells by specifically influencing the production of important proteins that are necessary for healthy and proper metabolism. The following properties are attributed to it:

  • suppresses malignant cell growth
    modulates the immune system (improved defence against many infections, protection against autoimmune diseases)
    acts as protection against many types of cancer
    is effective against psoriasis and alopecia areata
    controls our muscle function
    influences regular brain development in the embryo

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Bone healing

Method Choukroun PRF

In case of injury, for example after tooth removal, the human body helps to liberate itself. A natural process is used for this production. Centrifugation activates these proteins and growth factors from the patient’s own blood.

This treatment is completely natural, 100% autologous material is used. Thus, the tissue to be regenerated can be cured or replaced. Without having to put additives such as anticoagulants.

The matrix obtained by this method, PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin), contains the proteins that are bound to many white blood cells that store essential information about the tissue structure. This is a decisive advantage in the healing process of the tissue to be regenerated.

The method has been examined and documented by more than 100 scientific publications.

An excerpt of these studies can be found here:

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