We investigate whether your immune system reacts to the materials that are available and select the materials that are 100 % compatible with your individual needs. The lymphocyte transformation test (LTT) is a modern, accurate and uncomplicated analytical method which only requires us to take only one blood sample from you.

In the laboratory, immune cells are isolated from your sample and combined with materials (metals, plastics or cements). Advanced immunological methods are used to measure whether your T-lymphocytes react to the corresponding material. If this is the case, there is a sensitisation. It is also possible to examine the dental material sent by the patient. In case of a positive test for materials already used, we will discuss together whether their removal is advisable.

Our practice routine shows that in many chronically ill patients, a metal exposure, even far below the toxic limit, is very poorly tolerated depending on the individual. This can lead to a gradual change in the immune system and manifest in multiple ambiguous disease profiles. Therefore, modern medicine must take individual reaction patterns and conditions of the patient into account when diagnosing the question of exposure to dental metals.


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