A healthy smile is not only a signal of a healthy body, it is also important for your charisma and self-confidence, for it implies wellbeing and success. The optimal basis for healthy teeth is regular professional tooth cleaning, also called prophylaxis. It is the foundation for a long-lasting, healthy and stable periodontium. Professional tooth cleaning can also remove unsightly stains and give your teeth a fresh shine.


Regular prophylaxis supports your health

Regular professional prophylactic treatment is particularly important if you have tartar or if you suffer from periodontitis or caries, regardless of your own routine dental care. Prophylaxis treatment is equally important for existing dentures, dental implants or existing fillings. The surfaces in this area and at the interfaces to your own teeth are often a potential target for plaque because only around 60 % of the tooth surface can be thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush. This is why food residues can accumulate in the interdental areas or flat deposits. Plaque is thoroughly and effectively removed as part of professional tooth cleaning.


The process of professional dental prophylaxis treatment in our practice

Our prophylaxis experts will welcome you to the pleasant ambience of our practice. Of course, we will discuss your wishes and expectations together and in detail in leading up to the treatment, as well as any sensitive areas or other aspects relevant to you. We use only the state-of-the-art ultrasound and AirFlow equipment and work according to the latest, most gentle methods.
In the first step of the treatment, your teeth and interdental areas are thoroughly cleaned to remove all plaque. In the second step, your teeth are polished and treated with fluoride. You can rest assured of completely and gently cleaned, smooth teeth after the treatment.

Our prophylaxis experts will be happy to advise you on all aspects of prophylaxis, dental care and maintaining a healthy oral flora.

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